Yellow flight, first in a new series of figurative abstract paintings

This is the first in a series of blogs about my recent work. We kick-off this series with a fun small painting called “Yellow flight. It’s a 24×18 cm modern art painting made in my figurative-abstract style using acrylic paint and markers on a canvas board.

My process started by picking the colour scheme for the background. For this piece, I decided to go with shades of yellow and oranges. I used sponges and acrylic paint to layer the colour on a canvas board.


Creating my figures

After letting the paint dry it’s time to discover what figures I want to create. For my recent work, I tried to find a middle ground between on one side having no plan and just going with your gut feeling and on the other side extreme planning every single detail. My solution so far is to directly sketch on the background whatever my imagination sees in the background but use a material I can erase to make adjustments if needed. After I made the basic sketch using a pencil, the lines were redrawn using acrylic markers.

yellow flight line - work colourfulart - JABOScreations - Jasper Bos - 2019

Time for colour

Next up I started colouring in the figures with acrylic markers. While there are some colour combinations that I know work well for me overall this part of the process is still done mostly on instinct.  
yellow flight adding colour - colourfulart - JABOScreations - Jasper Bos - 2019
After colouring in, I cleaned up the line work.  Then it was on to adding a couple of layers of protective satin varnish and adding a beautiful frame.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my painting process. If you want to keep up to date with my work, then please follow my social media platforms and subscribe to my newsletter.

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