Jasper Bos, a modern artist and content creator.

Jasper Bos, a modern artist and content creator, was born (1987) and raised in the Netherlands.

Since he was old enough to splatter paint on paper, he loved to be creative both in and out of school. After high school, he studied Biology and Medical Laboratory Research, but In his spare time, he continued his art pursuit following various courses and a lot of self-study.

Many years ago, he started to face struggles with his health that left him with chronic health issues. Faced with having limited energy, he realised his artistic pursuit is his most meaningful goal and decided to switch careers. He developed into a modern artist with a distinct imaginative figurative abstract style working mostly with acrylic paint and markers.

Currently, besides painting, he is developing 3D objects and statues of his work. His work has been part of the ART Eindhoven fair, exhibited in the Marriot Hotel in Rotterdam, the Hilton in Brussel and various other exhibitions.

Artist Statement

The main element of my creative process is a fascination for the ability to see figures in abstraction and working from the subconscious. It usually starts with creating a dynamic abstract background using acrylic paint. The figures I see arising in the background are then further developed, often using acrylic markers.

Besides the mentioned workflow, I love to experiment with different materials and techniques to further develop my figures and am currently working on ways to create 3D objects and sculptures.

Events & Exhibitions 2022


  • Exhibition in gallery Galerie Alphen Art,  11 November – 14 December.
  • Group exhibition Bubble Art Projects Hilton Malmö City  Oktober 2020 -ongoing.
Past Events & Exhibitions
  • Group exhibition Bubble Art Projects Hilton Düsseldorf May – August 
  • Group exhibition Bubble Art Projects Hilton Luxemburg February – May 2022
  • Group exhibition Bubble Art Projects Hilton Dresden February 2021 – February 2022
  • Exhibition in gallery “Galerie Alphen Art”,  November 2020 (cancelled due to Corona).
  • Group exhibition Bubble Art Projects Hilton Brussel Garden Inn City Center June – September 2020.
  • Group exhibition Bubble Art Projects “Songfestival de expo” in hotel Marriott Rotterdam, May – June 2020.
  • Organiser and participant of the group exhibition “Intuïtie en Verbeelding”  February – March 2020 in the foyer of Parkvilla. 
  • Special group Exhibition in honour of 75-year freedom in gallery “Alphen Art” April – May 2020 in Galerie Alphen Art. (cancelled due to Corona)
  • Participant of Parkkunst, 27 April 2020. (cancelled due to Corona)
  • Exhibition in the gallery “Galerie Alphen Art”,  Oktober – November 2019.
  • Participant of the art event “Alphenart” 2019.
  • Participant of ART Eindhoven art fair 2019. 
  • Special group summer Exhibition in gallery “Alphen Art” July – August 2018.
  • Exhibition in the gallery “Galerie Alphen Art”,  April-May 2018. 
  • Participant in the art event “Alphenart 2017”. 
  • My painting “Onder zee”  was part of the 2017 exhibition “Bloem kunst” in honour of poet J.C Bloem. 
  • A custom wood panel painting was part of the exposition for the Dutch art contest “Groene hart kunstwedstrijd 2015”. 
  • My work was used as promotional material for  exhibitions and art classes of Parkvilla.

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