Hey there, I am Jasper Bos a modern artist from the Netherlands

Since I was old enough to splatter some paint on paper I love to be creative. The main element of my creative process is working from the subconscious. It usually starts with creating a dynamic background. The figures I see arising in the background are then further developed, often using acrylic markers. Besides the mentioned workflow I love to experiment with different materials and techniques.

It always amazes me how you can start without any premeditated idea and during the process slowly but surely see a wonderful world appearing on the canvas.Moreover, I find it fascinating to see how my work stimulates the fantasy of the viewer and how every viewer sees their individual meaning in my work.


  • Some of my work was used as promotional material for among others exhibitions and art classes of Parkvilla.
  • A custom wood panel painting was part of the exposition for the Dutch art contest “Groene hart kunstwedstrijd 2015”.
  • My painting “Onder zee”  was part of the 2017 exhibition “Bloem kunst” in honour of poet J.C Bloem. 
  • A statue was part of the art event “Alphenart 2017”.
  • Exhibition in gallery “galerie Alphen Art”,  April-May 2018
Artist at work- Jasper Bos - JABOScreations