Whimsical carnaval

Price: $1270 (approx €1150)*

Materials: Acrylic paint and markers on Canvas.

Size: 50 x 70 cm (approx 20 x 27 inch) without frame, frame ads approx 4 cm to both W and H.

When I started working on this painting, shades of purple was the way to go. Other than that, I had no idea what I wanted to create. As I progressed through my work method of creating an abstract background with acrylic paint and sponges slowly, but surely a wonderful world started to appear on the canvas. As the journey continued, I started with bringing the creatures to life that were hiding in abstract shapes using acrylic paint markers.

I hope this painting triggers your imagination and brings some colour to your day.

*Price is including the frame and shipping cost, this painting will be shipped fully framed and ready to hang on arrival. Price is controlled by Saatchi ART, for up to date price visit Saatchi ART

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