Exhibition in Gallery “Galerie Alphen Art”

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Seeing your art in the open space of an excellent gallery is always something special and this exhibition in the gallery “Galerie Alphen Art” is no exception. For this exhibition, I wanted to make some large canvas pieces. I like to call this size “the above the couch size”. Of course, you could hang them above your bed, dining table, or any other bigger empty wall to brighten up your place.

As some of my social media followers might remember at first, I looked up what the size of the average for such a piece would be. The size I found is about 2/3 of your couch which for an average sofa, at least in my country, would be around 120 cm. Based on my visits to this gallery, 120 cm seemed a bit on the broadside. Therefore I decided to measure up the gallery space. While there was room for a couple of paintings in that size, I felt going for 70×90 cm would look better and give me more options in terms of where I would hang them.

The other size I picked was 50×70 cm. This is one of my favourite sizes to work on for paintings made on canvas. Besides these large paintings, I added a selection of my smaller canvas paintings made back in 2017, and I made a set of three ornamental pots. All my work was created using acrylic paint for the abstract background and a mixture of Posca and Molotow acrylic markers for the figurative work

The exhibition took place in April – May 2018.

Location: Galerie Alphen Art, De Aarhof 15, 2406 BT Alphen aan den Rijn.

Several other artist participatiteed in this exhibition: Hans Clauzing, Kardia Meijer, Marrie Scheltes, Saskia Vergunst, Theo de Bruyn, Leja van Gog and Ronald de Haas.

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