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by | Mar 9, 2020 | Uncategorized

Every year a local cultural centre hosts a big art event. I will have a stall at this event and was thinking of ways to contribute. One idea was to design some colouring pages to give away for free.

Making these reminded me of my older artworks. Long ago I started out by drawing during school classes as a way to keep my mind focused. This might sound strange to some but for me, I actually was able to remember what was said in class better if I was drawing. Usually, I just started adding random line and dots on paper. Eventually, I would start to see certain connections between them and started to slowly discover all sort of figures. I used a somewhat similar method while designing these colouring pages. Using a digital drawing tablet I started drawing a combination of shapes and lines until I started to see concrete figures.

Feel free to save and print the colouring pages that you can find below for private use. If you colour one in then I would feel honoured if you could share it on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest and tag me using @jaboscreations.

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